About Nature Coast Psychiatry

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be permanently closing in August 2023. 

So we are no longer accepting new patients. Starting in May we will no longer be accepting Medicare and encouraging all other clients to find a new prescriber prior to August. 


Nature Coast Psychiatry provides integrative psychiatric care for select adult residents of Citrus County Florida in person and virtually for select Floridians. 

We strive to provide Trauma Informed Care and prioritize treating each client as an individual, helping them to find what balance works best for them. 


Proper diagnosis is essential for proper treatment. Different diagnoses may have similar symptoms, but very different treatments. Without the correct diagnosis, you may receive the wrong medication, which can actually worsen your condition.

Your assessment begins with completion of the consultation form. The consultation form is comprehensive with psychiatric testing targeted towards your particular issues. Without the consultation form, comprehensive assessment would take two to three visits, as Psychiatry currently has no definitive blood tests or procedures to determine psychiatric diagnosis. So, while the consultation form may seem lengthy, it is actually saving you time and money and allows you to receive correct diagnosis and treatment sooner

After the consultation form is reviewed, you are set a link to sign up for the medical portal, where consent and medication list will be awaiting your completion and signature. If you wish to use insurance, you must sign up for our billing service Advekit.

Next your appointment is scheduled. Please allow about an hour. Any needed additional history is obtained. Then, you and the doctor develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Usually, the treatment plan will include medication and supplements and vitamins and Dr. Clark often recommends educational websites, mental health phone apps and sometimes homework assignments.


Nature Coast Psychiatry is a special & unique practice in our approach to patient education, advocacy, & treatment

·   Treatment is provided in a very private and peaceful office on residential property. The comprehensiveness of your assessment is   unparalleled outside of teaching institutions. Your treatment is integrative, including vitamins, supplements, self care and education. 

·   Would you prefer medication management visits in a serene and private setting? You have found it at Nature Coast Psychiatry, PLLC. It is hard to live your best life if your emotional health is not optimized. I can help with a comprehensive assessment & treatment plan, just for you. Dr Clark's niche is Bipolar Spectrum Disorders & Adult ADHD, although I treat a generous amount of Depression, Anxiety and Panic. Oftentimes, severe, treatment-resistant and recurrent depressions and severe anxiety/panic are due to undiagnosed Bipolar Spectrum, which 1 in 20 Americans have!

·   The Nature Coast approach is Integrative/Mind-Body-Spirit, with guidance on vitamins/supplements/herbs as well as relaxation, mindfulness & somatic techniques. We optimize vitamin insufficiencies and sub-optimal thyroid function. Our therapy  approach is Supportive, Problem-Solving, Gestalt, Expressive, Jungian, Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing. Biofeedback & Hypnosis offered separately, as these are not often covered by insurance.

·   Are you not getting the most out of your medication? Are you sure that you even have the right diagnosis? Have you had an extensive assessment to be sure? Would you like a Mind-Body-Spirit approach? Would you like to have a psychiatrist who really listens?