Conditions & Issues Treated

We strive to approach every client as an individual and are happy to help you with any mental health symptoms you may be experiencing, when we are the appropriate/most helpful level of care. During your prescreening and initial eval we will determine together whether we are a therapeutic fit. Every provider is unique as well, and therapeutic rapport is essential to effective treatment. The below list is not conclusive to clients we see, but provides some examples to hopefully aid in reducing the stimitization of seeking mental health care. We all can use a little extra support sometimes.  

Common Issues & Diagnoses Commonly Treated:


§  Life Transitions

§  Grief

§  Coping with Cancer

§  Meaninglessness

§  Recurrent Dreams

§  Habit Control

§  Overly Stressed

§  Unhappiness

§  Dissatisfaction


§  Depression

§  Bipolar

§  Adult ADHD

§  Anxiety

§  Panic


§  OCD