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Helping select adult residents of Citrus county Florida find balance and stability in their mental health through a holistic approach to psychiatric care so they can live their best lives! 

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be permanently closing in August 2023. 

So we are no longer accepting new patients. Starting in May we will no longer be accepting Medicare and encouraging all other clients to find a new prescriber prior to August. 

Welcome to Nature Coast Psychiatry

Welcome to Nature Coast Psychiatry. We are happy to offer you a safe space for mental health services in Citrus County. Mental health and its care is often so stigmatized that you might feel hesitant to reach out.  Please know that it is not only ok to seek help for your mental health - but it can improve your overall wellness and quality of life. We all could benefit from help sometimes. At Nature Coast Psychiatry we practice Trauma-Informed, Holistic, Patient-Centered care - in other words, we are here for you - will provide services specialized to you and your needs.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Medicine can be an integral component of psychiatric care, and is essential for more severe psychiatric conditions. Sometimes, vitamins and supplements may be recommended to support mental and emotional health. These visits are brief, focusing on medication, effectiveness and side effects.  Still an overview of life issues is needed to assess if medicines are not working as well, or if one is feeling worse because of unfortunate life circumstances. 

Untreated Adult ADHD can cost jobs, relationships, motor vehicle accidents and increased risk of substance abuse.  Learn about Adult ADHD here.

If you believe that you have depressive symptoms that are hard-to-treat, start here

Mindfulness is about finding balance in the present and had a variety of health benefits. Mindfulness has been shown to aid in repairing white and gray matter, aiding in the formation of new (or healing) neuropathways which directly impacts oue mental and physical health, Mindfulness Meditation increases awareness of sensations and feelings, but at a distance.  Mindfulness eases suffering in everyday life.

Life Transitions, Grief, Coping with Cancer, Meaninglessness,  Habit Control, Overly Stressed, Unhappiness, Dissatisfaction, Depression, Bipolar, Adult ADHD, Anxiety, Panic, PTSD, OCD


Please complete your ChARM PreVisit Questionnaire in your ChARM Portal between 1 week to 1 day before each visit after the 1st visit. 

Patients who plan to Self-Pay:  Please call (352)631-7460 to process payment at least one day PRIOR to visit

Starting May 6 - you can schedule all of your own appointments through the Charm portal, no approval required.  

Appointments will be available Saturdays 10am-5pm. 

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We are in-network for Aetna*, Cigna/EverNorth* & United HealthCare*. We are out-of-network for other PPOs (but have a billing service to assist) and are not covered by other HMOs or Medicaid. 

*We cannot accept patients with Medicaid/Medicaid Plans as Primary or Secondary Coverage.  

We are unable to accept new Medicare clients at this time. 

Patients who plan to Self-Pay:  Please call (352)631-7460 to process payment at least one day PRIOR to visit. We legally cannot see clients with Medicare as self-pay.

For Insurance -Current Billing Service: Advekit  
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Meet Our Providers

Dr. Clark Psychiatrist

Jocelyn RN, MSN 
Doctoral Candidate, PMHNP extern

Meet Our Therapy Dogs

When you visit Nature Coast Psychiatry, you might be meeting Pandora (doberman) and/or Dollar (beagle mix). Want a sneak peak? Follow the link (embedded in the photo above)!

Virtual Visits

We offer virtual follow up visits through using any internet browser! This is a secure technology for telemedicine visits (telepsychiatry).  Usually, virtual visits are only available for patients in Florida who have been evaluated face-to-face. Virtual visits are charged at the same rate as face-to-face visits. FOR NOW: COVID-19 has led to some exceptions in coverage -most insurances now cover telemedicine.

While each of us are our own compilation of mental health variables, there are some unifying principles, theories, and building blocks that can positively affect (almost) everyone's mental health.