About Dr. Clark

  • Would you prefer medication management visits in a serene and private setting? You have found it at Nature Coast Psychiatry, PLLC.

  • It is hard to live your best life if your emotional health is not optimized. Dr Clark can help with a comprehensive assessment & treatment plan, just for you.

Often it helps to have a psychiatrist with similar “lived experience” to yours.

  • Are you taking care of an elderly or disabled relative? For several years, Dr Clark took care of her infirm mother, who died when Dr Clark was 33. Dr Clark will do her best to guide you and support you during your time of caregiving..

  • Are you grieving? Dr Clark’s first child died the day he was born. Dr Clark will do her best to support you in your mourning and learning to live without your loved one..

  • Do you have a serious health issue? Dr Clark had ovarian cancer, complete with total hysterectomy and chemotherapy at age 44. Dr Clark will do her best to help you during this miserable time.

  • Moreover, Dr Clark has special expertise in Depression that is resistant to treatment as well as Adult ADHD. Dr Clark’s niche is Bipolar Spectrum Disorders & Adult ADHD, although Dr Clark treat a generous amount of Depression, Anxiety and Panic. Oftentimes, severe, treatment-resistant and recurrent depressions and severe anxiety/panic are due to undiagnosed Bipolar Spectrum, which 1 in 25 Americans have!

  • Dr Clark’s overall approach is Integrative/Mind-Body-Spirit, with guidance on vitamins/supplements/herbs as well as relaxation, mindfulness & somatic techniques. We optimize vitamin insufficiencies and sub-optimal thyroid function. Dr Clark’s therapeutic approach is Gestalt, Expressive, Jungian, Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing. Biofeedback & Hypnosis offered separately, as these are not often covered by insurance.

  • You always see the physician. While she does rarely teach at select times, besides seeing the student doctor/NP/PA, you are always also seen by Dr Clark, who does her independent evaluation.

  • A former pharmaceutical and nuclear chemist, Dr Clark completed medical school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1995. She completed Family Medicine Residency at Duke/SRAHEC in 1998, and Psychiatry Residency at Texas A&M/Scott & White in 2005, serving as Chief Resident.