The 1st Visit at Nature Coast Psychiatry

The first visit lasts 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of your situation including medical problems.  Identified concerns on prescreening forms are discussed, and provider will comprehensively assess your mental and emotional issues, as well as medical issues and medicines that can impact your concerns. At the end of the first visit, if we decide to work together, a collaborative action plan will be developed which may include medication, therapy, vitamins, herbs &/or supplements, mind &/or body exercises, worksheets & homework.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Medicine can be an integral component of psychiatric care and is essential for more severe psychiatric conditions. Sometimes, vitamins and supplements may be recommended to support mental and emotional health. These visits are brief, focusing on medication, effectiveness and side effects. Still an overview of life issues is needed to assess if medicines are not working as well, or if one is feeling worse because of unfortunate life circumstances.

If you believe that you have depressive symptoms that are hard-to-treat, start here. The reason is that if you have even the smallest amount of cycling or bipolarity to your depressive illness, you may have Bipolar SPECTRUM disorder.  This may look like: depression with severe anxiety, depression with agitation/extra energy, depression with severe insomnia, depression with risky behavior, depression with "work-aholism", depression with crowded racing thoughts, depression that gets worse with antidepressants, depression with irritability, depression with antidepressants stop working, seasonal shifts in depression and more.  See for great educational information.

Do you run late? Do you procrastinate? Do you forget to return calls? Is it hard to come back from the store with everything you went there for, or do you return instead with lots of things you didn't need? Is it hard for you to just sit still and only watch TV, or do you need to do something else at the same time? You may have Adult ADHD! There is hope - medication treatment is often effective when dosed properly.

Creative Expressions Therapy 

Creative Expressions can help you excavate deeply hidden emotions and beliefs, through writing, art, literature, film, music, poetry and even movement. At times, logic cannot enter into the subconscious easily enough to effect change. Creativity bypasses logic, allowing healing to occur effortlessly.

Dream Work 

If you are ready to interpret and receive messages from your deepest subconscious, or if you are just curious about what your dreams may mean, Dream Work will enlighten you. We will work together to discover the individualized symbolism hidden in your nightly messages.

Integrative Wellness / Whole Health

Coming Soon!